We introduce the new GPDx Academy Hub with some training modules from an “Introduction to Genetics” to  the “Whole Exome Sequencing” and much more.

Whether you are in Accounting, Bussiness Development, or in the Lab, we all shall know some basics about Genetics and the Genetics Precision Diagnostics (GPDx) company products.

We want to make your learning journey fun and engaging… so we have created a global Igenomix competition: The Gene Run!

8 sprints in 2 months are you ready?

Genetics is the study of heredity - how traits are passed from parents to their offspring. This introduction to genetics takes you through the basic components of genetics: DNA, genes, chromosomes, and genetic inheritance.

This review covers the emerging field of new DNA sequencing technologies and outlines the potential benefits – and the challenges – of these technologies for reproductive genetics.

Igenomix has decided to launch a new business unit called Genomics Precision Diagnostics (GPDx) in all markets in 2021 with the objective of integrating genomics into clinical decisions, with a focus on the rare disease area.

GPDx is a complex service that allows personalization and differentiation, a field where Igenomix is good. There is a huge potential and we have the key ingredients to compete and present high-quality services that will help many patients and doctors.

We are going to gain an understanding of what Prenatal Care is and how Igenomix contributes in this area. Prenatal Genetic Diagnostics is a service that identifies genetic alterations in the fetus that can lead to a disorder during pregnancy or the neonatal period that is clinically actionable.

In this course, we will learn about the Single Gene Technologies, its different diagnostic tests for a concrete genetic disease associated to mutations in one specific gene or genomic region. Expansion Repeats (EXP) is a specific technology oriented to detect polynucleotide expansions in a gene or genomic region. The MLPA or multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification, is a specific technology for CNVs in a gene or genomic region. And the Gene Sequencing (NGS) is oriented to detect DNA sequence variations in a gene or genomic region.

In this module, we will get to know another type of test within GPDx. It is a diagnostic test based on NGS of the complete coding region of all genes of the Human Genome. WES is the best option for non-specific genetic diagnosis. Our WES tests have been developed to maximize the diagnostic yield for patients with genetic disorders.

In this course of the Gene Run, we will learn about the Smart Solution, our Precision Panels by specialyties. A diagnostic test based on NGS of multiple genes associated to a disease, condition, or phenotype.

In this module we will see how the Genetics Counseling Support works. It consists of scheduling meetings with our Genetic Counselors, our experts, and access to Educational material through our Client and e-Learning platforms. These meetings could be in person or online.